• testimonials

      Good Instructor: Demonstrated and Conveyed Knowledge

      …in clear and simple fashion. Text was great. Overall, well thought out and executed.

      Chris R.

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      The Instructor’s Experience Provided Valuable “Real World” Perspective

      Since the theory is so straight forward, having a guide to interpret possible difficulties in the field helped. Jeremiah is an excellent instructor. He was professional, yet solicited input from the group. I am tickled with the staff, the education content, and the facilites. Thanks!

      Shari S.

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      Jeremiah is Experienced, Thoughtful and Enthusiastic

      He clearly cares for his students. I loved the “hands-on” nature of the class. Fellow students were very nice.

      David S.

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      The Instructor is Very Knowledgeable of His Field.

      This was exemplified by his answers to spontaneous questions due to some of this students’ misunderstanding of the concepts. The books and materials were excellent. The lunch was also very good. Thank you!

      Augustine U.