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Solar Training in Tennessee

If you’re interested in learning solar technology, Infinite Solar offers the most advanced hands-on solar training programs in Tennessee and throughout North America.

Over the past few years, Tennessee has fostered the development and installation of solar energy technology for both commercial and residential use. Along with the many federal tax credits for renewable energy applications, the state has passed several of its own incentives for businesses and homeowners who utilize solar power.

Tennessee’s Solar Incentives

Here are just a few of Tennessee’s solar power incentives*:

  • Green Energy Tax Credit—provides up to $1.5 million in tax credits to industries in the green energy supply chain that invest more than $250 million into the state.
  • Green Energy Production Property Credit—offers a special property tax assessment for premises certified in green energy (e.g., solar powered) production.
  • Energy Efficient Schools Initiative—provides grants and loans to Tennessee school systems for capital outlay projects that meet energy efficient design and technology guidelines for school facilities.
  • Sales Tax Credit for Clean Energy Technology—allows a taxpayer to take a credit, to apply for a refund of taxes paid, or to apply for authority to make tax-exempt purchases on solar technology equipment used to produce electricity in a certified green energy production facility.
  • Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program—provides Tennessee business and non-profit entities with below-market loans for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, including solar installations.
  • Utility Company Rebate Programs—offers rebates for the installation of energy-saving measures, including solar power.

With all the Tennessee solar incentives available, trained solar power professionals are needed more than ever throughout the state.

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The Premiere School for Solar Training

Our trainees are taught all the skills they need for lifelong careers in solar energy installation. Whether you’re an electrician, roofer, plumber or another general contractor, Infinite Solar programs will turn you into a solar expert.

Below are a few reasons why Infinite Solar has become a pioneer in solar technology education in Tennessee, and throughout North America:

  • We provide the most exhaustive and expert instruction in the design, installation, upgrading and maintenance of renewable energy power systems.
  • We boast the first and only indoor grid-tied PV system on the East Coast.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility includes an in-house workshop featuring a full-size mock roof to provide the most effective hands-on solar training.
  • We offer fully customizable corporate solar training and workshops.
  • We offer special training packages for out-of-state applicants.
  • We offer online training for select courses, which can be applied to our 2-day hands-on solar workshop.
  • Our students can earn college credits after completing Infinite Solar courses, while their employers get tuition reimbursement tax benefits.
  • We are among the few solar training providers approved by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).
  • Our courses are Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) accredited.

Whether you’re an electrician, roofer, plumber or other general contractor, our trainees are armed with all the knowledge and expertise to establish lifelong careers in solar energy implementation.

Infinite Solar takes pride in its ongoing mission to promote renewable energy for a better world, and to train the solar energy professionals to build it!

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