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Solar Training in New York State

The state of New York has created a funding initiative designed to help clean energy businesses grow and develop new markets through new or expanded PV installation activities in New York. Funded by the Systems Benefit Charge (SBC) the state has committed nearly $7 million to help new renewable energy businesses by providing up to 50% grants for expansion products.

In addition to this substantial financial assistance to solar energy companies, the state of New York also offers state tax credits to residential properties to help defray the cost of PV systems and their installation. New York residents can get up to $5000 in tax credit for installing qualified solar energy products and systems.

What all of these state sponsored dollars mean is that New York represents not only a great opportunity for businesses who have or want to initiate solar energy services, but also for workers who want to get into this incredibly fast growing industry.

Tapping Into the New York PV Market

To take advantage of this surge in PV business it’s important that contractors meet the licensing requirements set by New York for the design and installation of solar electric PV systems. The first step in acquiring the skills and certifications needed for licensure is a solid solar energy training program that leads to sitting for the NABCEP entry level exam and that’s where Infinite Solar can give you a hand.

Infinite Solar, an IREC accredited provider of solar energy training offers a 5 day entry level solar PV design and installation course at its state of the art training facility in Philadelphia that qualifies students to take the NABCEP entry level exam. This is an important first step for both beginners and New York contractors who want to add PV installation to their line of business.

Real Training That Provides Real Skills

Solar training is a combination of presentation and hands on application of knowledge and theory. Students work on a full sized mock roof and are guided through PV system fundamentals to advanced mechanical and electrical concepts in accordance with the National Electrical Code. It’s a great learning experience but it also offers a full 5 days of networking opportunities with other PV pros.

If you are looking to enter the PV design and installation market in New York, be it Albany, Buffalo, Rochester or the Big Apple itself, look no further than Infinite Solar to start your career.