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Solar Training in New Jersey

New Jersey, The Garden State, wants to return its environment to what it used to be that earned that nickname. New Jersey is perhaps the most aggressive of the states both in offering rebates and incentives and in passing legislation that involves renewable energy including solar electric PV systems. For people with solar training this represents a great opportunity.

Since 2001 the state of New Jersey has doled out almost $350 million dollars in rebates through its CORE rebate, SEIP program and SREC registration programs. These rebates went to over 8,000 qualifying solar installations located all over the state from Trenton to Parsippany to Atlantic City and more. New Jersey is dead serious about improving its environment and offers up one of the best incentives to both businesses and homeowners to convert to renewable energy.

What this means is that if you live in New Jersey and you are looking for employment in a growth industry, renewable energy and specifically solar PV installation are the places to start. There is a boom in the solar energy industry and the only thing holding it back is a shortage of qualified solar installers. In order to install PV systems in New Jersey the contractor has to have an electrical contractor license.

A Shortage of Qualified New Jersey PV Installers

There are literally hundreds of companies that hold these New Jersey contractor licenses but that doesn’t mean they have staff that are qualified for both design and installation of PV systems. Qualified installers, ones with solid solar energy training, are hard to come by in New Jersey. Providing a solution to that shortage is why Infinite Solar is in business.

Infinite Solar is an IREC accredited provider of solar power training. Known for its trademark “hands on” training style, the experienced nstructors at Infinite Solar guide new comers to the industry as well as veterans through a five day course in PV design and installation that prepares them to sit for the NABCEP certification exam.

Your Path to A Career in the New Jersey Solar Industry

Solar training is a combination of presentation and hands on application of knowledge and theory. Students work on a full sized mock roof and are guided through PV system fundamentals to advanced mechanical and electrical concepts in accordance with the National Electrical Code. It’s a great learning experience but it also offers a full 5 days of networking opportunities with other PV pros.

NABCEP certification is the gold standard in the solar energy industry not only in New Jersey but all across the nation.

If you are serious about starting a career in the industry or if you’re a licensed New Jersey electrical contractor and want to add PV installation to your services you need to invest the time to explore the solar energy training opportunities that Infinite Solar offers.