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Solar Training in Florida

Who has more sun than Florida the “Sunshine State”? It’s not surprising the state of Florida sponsors several rebate programs for businesses and homeowners who capture the energy of the state’s most abundant natural resource by installing solar electric PV systems. Great solar rebates mean great business for anyone with a solar energy training background.

The secret to tapping into these state and municipal rebate programs is the business or homeowner must have their PV system installed by a licensed master electrician or state-licensed electrical, solar contractor. It’s almost like the state of Florida is running a marketing campaign for licensed solar contractors from Jacksonville to Miami to Naples to Pensacola.

In fact not only are they running a marketing campaign, the Miami-Dade County – Targeted Jobs Incentive Fund will pay up to $9000 for each new power job created by a new-to-market or expanding Photovoltaic or Solar Thermal Manufacturer, Installation, and/or Repair Company in the program area. If you’re a contractor, or want to work for a solar power contractor your future is looking good…providing you have the solar power training and certification.

The First Step to Qualifying for Florida’s Solar Contractor License

Infinite Solar, IREC accredited provider of solar energy classes can help both the experienced contractor and the individual looking for a start in the industry. Infinite Solar provides the training required to sit for NABCEP certification exams and just as importantly, get a solid background in solar PV design and installation.

Infinite Solar’s trademark “hands on” training and world class solar training facility offers up a number of solar energy classes that will give the established contractor a competitive edge or allow the aspiring entrant the credentials that he or she needs to get hired by a quality Florida PV installation firm.

A boom in PV installations means a boom in Installer jobs for qualified applicants. If you’re thinking about getting into this field you will need at least a basic background in solar energy training and one of the best places to get that is Infinite Solar.

If Florida is your home and you want to get a start in the solar electric industry then do yourself a favor and get a competitive edge by having a solid solar electric training experience to add to your resume.