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Solar Training in California

After hundreds of student inquiries from our friends in California, Infinite Solar is proud to announce that it now offers its most popular classes on an ongoing basis in San Jose and Los Angeles. Infinite Solar has partnered with Auxin Solar in San Jose and Independent Electric Supply in Los Angeles to offer continuing education and professional development training workshops at their respective locations on a monthly basis.

Auxin Solar, founded in 2008, is an American manufacturer of solar panels and solar mounting rack systems. Its solar panel factory and corporate headquarters are located right outside of San Jose’s city center. Auxin Solar has an international customer base for its panels and mounting rack systems and it has developed turnkey commercial and residential PV systems in Europe, Australia, and America.

Indepent Electric Supply has been serving contractors and construction companies on the West Coast since 1976. With branches all over California and elsewhere, they’re reach is far and their excellent service is well known. Their location in North Hollywood provides a prime location for students in the Los Angeles area seeking training for California’s well-established solar industry.

California is far and away the national leader in solar PV installation. Here’s a breakout by the numbers:

  • In 2012, the Golden State is expected to install 1,432 megawatts of solar power.
  • This is nearly a 150% growth rate over the installed capacity of solar in 2011.
  • It represents over 1/3rd of the estimated capacity that the entire United States will install in 2012.
  • This means that contractors will need to install over 6 million panels.
  • Translation: California needs more trained professionals to fill this huge demand!

Our mission is to prepare you for the green energy revolution that is already turning on the heat here in sunny California. Our course is designed for electricians and contractors who want to add this profitable trade to their business. While many fly-by-night training outfits will plunk you down in front of a 40-hour power point presentation, Infinite Solar offers the most intensive hands-on training in the industry.

During the course, students will complete four different types of installations in addition to learning the electrical theory, engineering principles, and site assessment requirements that are the foundations of every successful solar installer. After the class concludes, students will have the opportunity to take the NABCEP Entry Level Exam; a first step towards full certification.

For more information, please contact Infinite Solar’s technical specialist: Rich Capone at (215) 464-6460 or E-mail us at

*Numbers and information taken from Photon Magazine Issue #10 2012.