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PVO101: A Comprehensive Introduction to Solar PV Power & Industry


Online Training for the Solar Industry from the Comfort of Your Home or Business!

Course Code: PVO101

While we still believe that hands-on solar training is an essential aspect of becoming a solar installation professional, we also realize that not everyone can it can be tough to take time out of work schedules and life to attend classes at one of our training facilities. Hence, we have expanded our curricula to an online format that incorporates rich graphics, interactive features, and custom videos. This allows you to start learning the basics of solar power and the industry at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home or business. Then, when you’re ready, you can come to one of our campuses for full hands-on training.

Infinite Solar Online’s training courses are unparalleled to other renewable energy online courses. We are confident you will leave our online solar courses with a complete understanding of the material and will be ready to continue your renewable energy education with further online training and/or formal hands-on training. Our online solar courses offer an expanded, up-to-date curriculum that covers everything you need to know as you look towards a new profession in the renewable energy industry.

PVO101 is based on the first day of material that students learn during our Solar PV Hands-On Design & Installation Workshop. It features media rich presentations, interactive areas and out-links to extra resources, comprehensive objectives and reviews, quizzes to test your knowledge, forums to chat with other students, and more. The course is run by industry professionals and builds a solid foundation for students to start their complete education in solar technology.

COURSE <br/>

Course Structure

Online students can choose to take this course two different ways: self-paced or structured.

Structured courses start on the first Monday of every month. Students taking the structured course will have six weeks to complete all of the presentations, quizzes, and final exam. This allows for one week per chapter, with one extra week for introductions/review. Students will be provided with weekly E-mails, weekly forum posts, active feedback and timely responses, and general guidance with the course and material. Students that are falling behind or struggling will be offered extra help as needed or by request.

Students that opt to take the self-paced course will also have six weeks to complete the course. However, these students may start on any date they wish and complete the course at their own pace. Self-paced students still have access to all presentations, quizzes, and the final exam, but will not receive weekly E-mails, discussion topics, or have their progress monitored by an online instructor.

Online Instructors

Adam Burton for all students that choose the 6 week structured course.


What You Will Learn

Students taking this online course can expect to learn about the following topics in the presentations:

  • History and people behind solar power and modern solar technology
  • Solar industry on an international level
  • Manufacturers, suppliers, utilities, and companies
  • Trade organizations
  • REPs and SREC Markets
  • Solar energy policy
  • Basic electrical theory
  • Ohm's Law
  • Calculating solar insolation
  • Energy analysis
  • Basic site assessment
  • Shading analysis
  • Components, BOS, and residential and commercial applications
  • Inverters
  • I-V curve analysis
  • Overcurrent protection
  • . . . and more much
Learning Objectives

COURSE <br />

Curriculum for the Solar PV Hands-On Design and Installation Workshop

This course covers an in-depth selection of topics essential to working in the solar industry. Click on the "Read more" links below to see a breakdown of this course day by day.

Electrical Basics
PV Basics
  • Early origins of solar power
  • Scientists and researchers that contributed to modern technology
  • Edison, Tesla, and the current wars
  • Bell labs and the P-N Junction
  • NASA and the use of solar in space
  • Early commercial uses for solar power
  • The history of solar in the 70s
  • Solar power today in the 21st Century
  • Trade organizations
  • Solar policies
  • Renewable Energy Portfolios (REPs)
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)
  • United States federal programs and incentives
  • Breakdown of individual state programs and incentives
  • International policies and incentives
  • Feed-in Tariff programs
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Industry comparisons by country
  • Major manufacturers and products
  • Power, energy, electricity
  • Ohm's Law
  • Conductors and insulators
  • Electrial arthimetic
  • Series and parallel circuits
  • Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC)
  • I-V Curves
  • Shading analysis
  • Shading analysis tools
  • Magnetic declination
  • Earth, sun, and the season
  • Insolation
  • Energy analysis
  • Basic types of systems
  • Battery banks
  • How modules work
  • Inverter basics
  • Tilt and Azimuth
  • Effects of temperature and insolation
  • Bypass diodes
  • Types of modules
  • Types of inverters
  • Microinverters
  • Types of racking systems
  • Balance of system
  • Sun-tracking systems
  • Maximum power point tracking
  • Batteries and banks
  • Charge controllers
  • Balance of system
  • Conduit and conductors
  • Disconnects
  • Junction and combiner boxes
  • Different technologies
  • Monitoring systems
  • WHO SHOULD <br />

    Should I Take an Online Course?

    Absolutely! PVO101 is designed for a broad audience. If you fall into one of the following groups, this class is perfect for you:

    • Entry level job seekers in the solar power industry: This course will provide you with fundamental knowledge about electricity, PV technology, and solar companies. We guarantee that you will walk into the interview armed with a trove of knowledge ready to succeed.
    • Students, teachers, and solar enthusiasts: This class will provide you with a rich multimedia learning experience about a technology that is changing our world for the better. It is sure to expand your lexicon, technical knowledge, and provide you with new resources to add to your curriculum, guide you to future studies, or strengthen your advocacy material.
    • Business executives and government regulators: Though it is relatively new, the Solar PV Industry is complex and rapidly changing. This course is full of the latest information on research and development, political analysis, and essential tools for your professional success. The class covers the industry around the world, but places special emphasis on the American market.


    Basics math skills; familiarity with equations, fractions and algebra. Basic Reading Comprehension. Basic computer skills. A solid internet connection.

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    Register Today!

    PVO101: A Comprehensive Introduction to Solar PV Power and Industry, takes place every month on our online website. Students that wish to be mailed hard copy discs can be sent a package upon request. If you would like to see the start dates for this course, please check the "Upcoming Class Dates" at the top right of this page.

    Payment Options

    Course Price: $400
    Accepted Payments: Credit Card or Check

    For Questions and Registration: Contact one of our admissions counselors today! Call toll free at 1-888-311-4786 or locally at (215)-464-6460. You can also contact us by clicking here and filling out this form.


    Regulations & Requirements by State

    Please note that each state has different agencies, laws, and regulations that govern student eligibility to attend our courses. Students must make sure that they meet all requirements outlined by respective Departments of Education to be able to attend our courses and that they follow all guidelines and requirements. There currently are no restrictions to attending courses at our campus in Newark, New Jersey. For more information on the course location you are interested in, please review the information below:

    States Student Qualifications
    California Courses are open to the public, including all entry level job seekers.
    Maryland Courses are for continuing education purposes only. Enrollment is restricted to electricians and contractors who are affiliated with United Electric Supply. The program is insufficient in length and content to qualify as entry level occupational training. Students must sign documents indicating that the enrollment restrictions have been met.
    Massachuesetts Students must be associates with, register, and pay through our partner NorthEast Electrical Supply. No students may pay Infinite Solar for the course directly. Courses are currently restricted to professionals seeking continuing education or business to business training.
    New Jersey Courses have been fully approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and are open to the public, including entry level job seekers.
    Pennsylvania Courses are currently restricted to professionals seeking continuing education or business to business training.
    Other States Contact us for more info.

    Legal Disclaimer

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