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Principles of LEED for Existing Buildings (Operations & Maintenance)

Principles of LEED

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Learn what you need to know to get your a LEED AP Credential in the Operations and Maintenance of Existing Buildings

Course Code: GRE000

After getting an initial education in LEED methods and earning the LEED Green Associate credential, many individuals realize there are a myriad of ways out there to construct and retrofit buildings to be more energy conscious and environmentally friendly. One of the largest sectors for this is the management and updating of existing buildings. This course will teach you all that you need to know about operating and managing these buildings.

This advanced course helps prepare students to sit for the exam to earn the LEED AP O+M Credential and builds upon the knowledge learned in LEED Green Associates training. Students will learn a host of strategies intended for both the exterior and interior of the buildings, energy production and management, acquiring materials and planning, educating staff and customers, and the best methods for earning LEED credits.

COURSE <br/>

Course Structure

This class takes place over the course of two weeks during evenings on Tuesday and Thursday and one Saturday. The evening sessions run start promptly at 5 p.m. and run until 9 p.m. for a total of four training hours each session. The last session takes place the following Saturday of the last week and runs from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. for a total of 8 training hours. Combined, this course counts for 36 training hours.

During the week students will have multimedia presentations from the head instructor, workbook exercises, and quizzes.

At the end of this course students should have the knowledge and be eligible to sit for the LEED Green Associate Exam, a two-hour, computer-based exam that is comprised of 100 multiple-choice questions. Upon passing this exam, students will earn their LEED Green Associate credential.

Lead Instructors

John Decina, Program Director of the Green Path Corporation.


ABOUT <br/>

What is a LEED AP with O+M Specialization?

A LEED Accredited Professional (AP) is an individual that has gone beyond the Green Associate's basic knowledge to specialize themselves in a particular field related to green design, building, maintenance, and engineering as outlined by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Each specialization denote expertise in a specific LEED rating system, which means the AP holder can employee specific strategies to earn credits towards a building's certification.

A LEED AP with O+M designation is a person that has signified themselves as practicing sustainable methods, raising efficiency, reducing environmental impacts when it comes to existing buildings. As more and more business owners start recognizing the benefits of "going green", this LEED Credential is especially valuable to contractors in all trades looking to add a service to their current business offerings.



What You Will Learn

Students attending this course can expect to learn about the following topics in class:

  • Review of LEED Green Associates topics
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Interior and exterior design and strategies
  • Green management with pest control and vegetation
  • Geographical climate conditions and considerations
  • Water treatment
  • Stormwater and drain off
  • Irrigation strategies
  • Chemical management
  • Energy performance and policies
  • Different building components
  • Renewable energy systems (solar, wind, etc.)
  • Energy performance measurments
  • Third-party relationships
  • Energy tradeoffs
  • Energy usage and sources
  • Specialized needs and equipment
  • Building reuse
  • Renewable and food materials and acquisition
  • Environmental management plans
  • Air quality
  • Tobacco smoke control
  • Ventilation requirements and effectiveness
  • Design workshops and strategies
  • Earning credits
  • Staff education
  • Infrastructure and zoning
  • Partnerships
  • Traffic and parking methods



Should I Get Trained in LEED Building?

Absolutely! LEED building methods focus on simple and easy ways to drastically improve the energy efficiency of existing and planned buildings, while promoting environmental consciousness and sustainability. Knowledge of LEED practices will lead to better business and stronger professional relationships.

Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast, a skilled tradesman, or a businessman, we have taken great care to make sure our courses are as accessible as possible to everyone. Some of the people we see come through our door include:
HVAC/R professionals, electricians, plumbers, homebuilders/architects, contractors, engineers, product wholesalers/resellers, salespeople, students, enthusiasts, and more.


Students taking this course must have taken the LEED Core Concepts & Green Building Principles Course and/or passed the LEED GA Exam. Basics math skills; familiarity with equations, fractions and algebra. Basic Reading Comprehension. Basic computer skills. Backgrounds in construction and general contracting work a plus.


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The Principles of LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance course takes place at our main campus in Phialdelphia. If you would like to see what dates are available, please check the "Upcoming Class Dates" at the top right of this page.

Payment Options

Course Price: $950
Accepted Payments: Credit Card or Check

For Questions and Registration: Contact one of our admissions counselors today! Call toll free at 1-888-311-4786 or locally at (215)-464-6460. You can also contact us by clicking here and filling out this form.



Regulations & Requirements by State

Please note that each state has different agencies, laws, and regulations that govern student eligibility to attend our courses. Students must make sure that they meet all requirements outlined by respective Departments of Education to be able to attend our courses and that they follow all guidelines and requirements. There currently are no restrictions to attending courses at our campus in Newark, New Jersey. For more information on the course location you are interested in, please review the information below:

States Student Qualifications
California Courses are open to the public, including all entry level job seekers.
Maryland Courses are for continuing education purposes only. Enrollment is restricted to electricians and contractors who are affiliated with United Electric Supply. The program is insufficient in length and content to qualify as entry level occupational training. Students must sign documents indicating that the enrollment restrictions have been met.
Massachuesetts Students must be associates with, register, and pay through our partner NorthEast Electrical Supply. No students may pay Infinite Solar for the course directly. Courses are currently restricted to professionals seeking continuing education or business to business training.
New Jersey Courses have been fully approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and are open to the public, including entry level job seekers.
Pennsylvania Courses are currently restricted to professionals seeking continuing education or business to business training.
Other States Contact us for more info.

Legal Disclaimers

While Infinite Solar is a provider of training courses that teach material related to LEED credentials, Infinite Solar is in no way associated with LEED certifications, credentialing, or other related signifiers that are a part of the Green Building Certification Institute's (GBCI) programs. There are currently no official requirements required to sit for the LEED AP O+M Exam, however, GBCI strongly recommends candidates complete training programs or have experience with LEED building and concepts before taking the exam.