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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 03:08

New Off-Grid and NABCEP PV Installation Professionals Exam Review Class in October

Due to numerous inquiries from all over the world, Infinite Solar is super excited to offer a new one day Battery Based Solar PV Systems Class.

We are inviting back our acclaimed Advanced Solar PV Instructor, Dan Fischl, to lead this seminar. It is perfect for anyone seeking the freedom and independence of being “off the grid” and will be crucial for solar PV installers in developing countries.

The first time this class will be offered will be October 11th. The following day, we will offer a NABCEP Installer Exam Crash Course review on Saturday October 12th at 9am. Just in time for those planning on taking the NABCEP Solar PV Installation Professionals Exam on October 19th.

Finally, don’t forget about our Solar Thermal Class on September 23 – 27th and our Advanced PV Class October 21 – 25th in addition to our monthly Entry Level Solar PV Design and Installation Workshops September 16 – 20th and October 14  18th!

To find more info on these new courses, check out these links:

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