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NABCEP Entry Level Exams


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Course Code: SOL555/SOL556

Passing the NABCEP Solar PV or Solar Thermal Entry Level Exam, testifies to a practitioner’s basic knowledge, comprehension, and application of key terms and concepts of photovoltaic and thermal system operations respectively. The exams deem individuals suitable for a supervised, entry level position with an installation company, dealer, or other company in the solar industry.

Upon successful completion of coursework offered by a registered NABCEP Entry Level Exam Provider (such as Infinite Solar), a student is eligible to sit for the Entry Level Exam. Prior to taking the NABCEP Entry Level Exam, students should have demonstrated a basic understanding of the principles outlined in the course’s Learning Objectives.

Passing a NABCEP Entry Level Exam is a way for candidates to demonstrate that they have achieved a basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of the application, design, installation, and operation of solar PV and solar thermal systems. The knowledge demonstrated by passing this test does not replace the knowledge, skills, or abilities of the electrical or other construction trades, or those of other professions or degree programs that require considerably more academic and/or practical experience. This achievement demonstrates that the student has passed an industry-designed, NABCEP-issued exam.

Passing the NABCEP Entry Level Exam does not certify an individual as a solar installer, but puts them on this track. Individuals passing the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam should not be confused with NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals. The latter can only be achieved by highly experienced individuals who have passed a much more rigorous examination and have demonstrated the capability to supervise complete system installations, and who have a detailed working knowledge of the electrical codes, standards, and accepted industry practice associated with solar installations. As the markets grow for solar photovoltaics and solar thermal, anyone passing this industry-sponsored Entry Level Exam is likely to find that their opportunities are enhanced by finding and starting the job with an understanding of the fundamental principles of solar PV and solar thermal systems. Passing the NABCEP Entry Level Exam is also highly regarded by potential customers for individuals that decide to start their own businesses.

Only students who have completed an advanced course from an approved provider, met all of NABCEP’s requirements, and pass the national exam, will earn the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certificate.

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Exam Structure

NABCEP Entry Level Exams are offered through Infinite Solar at specific locations after the completion of an approved course. The exam is two hours long and takes place during the afternoon of the last day of the course. This exam is optional and students that complete an approved course have up to one year to take a NABCEP Entry Level Exam through an approved provider.

NABCEP Entry Level Exam Provider

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What You Need to Know

Students taking the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam should have knowledge in the following ten areas according to NABCEP:

  1. PV Markets and Applications
  2. Safety Basics
  3. Electricity Basics
  4. Solar Energy Fundamentals
  5. PV Module Fundamentals
  6. System Components
  7. PV System Sizing Principals
  8. PV System Electrical Design
  9. PV System Mechanical Design
  10. Performance Analysis, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting


Students taking the NABCEP Solar Heating Entry Level Exam should have knowledge in the following six areas according to NABCEP:

  1. Conducting a site analysis, including load analysis
  2. Identifying SH safety practices, standards, codes and certification
  3. Identifying systems for specific climates and applications
  4. Identifying proper orientation and installation methods
  5. Identifying proper use of balance of system components and materials
  6. Identifying common SH maintenance items
Learning Objectives


Should I Take This Exam?

Any individuals looking to break into the solar industry and find a rewarding job or start their own business should take this exam to put themselves on the path to full certification. Passing an NABCEP Entry Level Exam proves knowledge and merit in the solar PV and solar thermal industries.


The completion of an approved Entry Level Training course.

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Regulations & Requirements by State

Please note that each state has different agencies, laws, and regulations that govern student eligibility to attend our courses. Students must make sure that they meet all requirements outlined by respective Departments of Education to be able to attend our courses and that they follow all guidelines and requirements. There currently are no restrictions to attending courses at our campus in Newark, New Jersey. For more information on the course location you are interested in, please review the information below:

States Student Qualifications
California Courses are open to the public, including all entry level job seekers.
Maryland Courses are for continuing education purposes only. Enrollment is restricted to electricians and contractors who are affiliated with United Electric Supply. The program is insufficient in length and content to qualify as entry level occupational training. Students must sign documents indicating that the enrollment restrictions have been met.
Massachuesetts Students must be associates with, register, and pay through our partner NorthEast Electrical Supply. No students may pay Infinite Solar for the course directly. Courses are currently restricted to professionals seeking continuing education or business to business training.
New Jersey Courses have been fully approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and are open to the public, including entry level job seekers.
Pennsylvania Courses are currently restricted to professionals seeking continuing education or business to business training.
Other States Contact us for more info.

Legal Disclaimer

While Infinite Solar is an approved provider of the NABCEP Entry Level Exam, it has no other official affiliation with the organization and the statements below reflects Infinite Solar's interpretation of NABCEP policies, and should not be perceived as a statement directly from NABCEP.