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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 02:08

Burnham Energy Seeking PV Quality Assurance Inspectors

Burnham Energy is teaming up with Infinite Solar to expand professional opportunities for its students and alumni. Please read the article below. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please contact David Inda at

In just a few short years, the solar industry has grown from a few boutique businesses into a multi-billion dollar industry. To ensure the growth of the industry, it is essential that solar installations maintain the highest standards of safety, longevity and performance. To maintain these standards, it is critical that the industry has a network of independent solar professionals of the  highest integrity who understand solar installations, electrical and building codes. Burnham Energy is looking for just such solar professionals for our field inspector network.

Burnham Energy is the nation’s premier solar inspections and compliance services company. Inspectors for Burnham Energy have conducted over 2,500 inspections in 20 different states throughout the U.S. and our reach is continually growing. The largest solar integrators, solar leasing and financing firms and Utilities rely on Burnham Energy to ensure quality installations and high performing systems.

Burnham Energy offers our field inspectors generous compensation on a per project basis, continual solar manufacturer updates and training opportunities, the ability to review and learn from other solar professionals across the country and the professional credibility that comes with being a Burnham Energy affiliate. Burnham Energy offers scheduling flexibility and the opportunity to conduct multiple inspections per trip, making it ideal for solar contractors, senior solar installers and other trades professionals interested in expanding opportunities to grow with the industry.
Solar professionals interested in joining our field inspection network should meet the following

  • NABCEP certified or equivalent solar certification 
  • Journeyman level electrician or higher 
  • Possess a valid drivers license and vehicle insurance 
  • Possess ladders sufficient to access two story roofs (+20’) 
  • Trained in the operation of a Solmetric Suneye or Solar Pathfinder 
  • Possess basic tools, including but not limited to compass, pitch finder, irradiance measuring tool and digital camera 
  • Ability to attend one webinar a month

Burnham Energy strives to be the standard of authority for solar installations. As the solar industry
grows, Burnham Energy is poised to continue its growth, providing significant opportunities for solar professionals.