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Advanced Solar PV Design & Installation – Certification Exam Preparation

Advanced Solar Design

Come study at the most thorough and professional advanced solar pv system design and installation course in the United States!

Course Code: SOL201

NABCEP has increased their educational requirements to sit for the PV Installers Certification Exam—are you ready? Any individuals seeking Full Certification as a Solar PV Installer with NABCEP are required to have 40-hours of advanced training from an approved educator. We are that educator and this is the course you are looking for.

This 5-day course will cover the subject matter that most frequently appears on the NABCEP’s PV Installation Professional Exam with special attention to the NEC Code Book 2011. The deadline to apply to sit for the Fall Exam is on August 2nd, 2013 and will take place on October 19th a couple months later. This course will act as a refresher while also providing you with valuable study resources to ensure you are ready to earn NABCEP’s valuable certification. Don’t be left behind as more and more states start to require certified professionals on PV installation teams.

This class is taught by veterans of solar installation that have spent many years in the solar industry. Students will work through numerous case studies, discuss real-world problems and solutions, reverse engineer different types of systems, visit live systems in the surrounding area, and work on the skills and knowledge that are required to be a fully certified solar PV professional in today’s industry.



Course Structure

Each day begins with breakfast being served at 7:30 a.m. followed by training that begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. The morning session is 4 hours with a lunch break from noon to 12:30 p.m. The afternoon session continues for 4 hours,ending at 5:00 p.m. Each day there are 8 hours of instruction, totaling 40 hours of professional training over the five-day course. This course is five days long. The first four days are spent in the classroom and include multimedia presentations from the head instructor, workbook exercises, and quizzes. The last day is spent in the field, where students will travel as a group to a number of different types of residential and commercial installations in the local area. At each location the students will study the systems and their components, discuss the intricacies, and reverse engineer the systems.

*Please note that the Certification Exam that NABCEP offers for Solar PV Installers can only be applied for and scheduled through NABCEP.

Lead Instructors

Dan Fischl in Philadelphia and Sean White in San Jose and Los Angeles.


What You Will Learn

Students attending this course can expect to learn about the following topics in class:
  • Safety
  • Applied trigonometry and algebra with regards to PV system design
  • Irradiance calculations
  • Advanced system sizing
  • System reengineering
  • Inter-row shading design concepts
  • Line tapping techniques
  • Role playing scenarios and case studies
  • Detailed battery back-up system analyses
  • Specific NEC Codes with regards to PV system design
Learning Objectives


Curriculum for the Advanced Solar PV Design & Installation Course

This course covers an in-depth selection of topics essential to working in the solar industry. Click on the "Read more" links below to see a breakdown of this course day by day.
Advanced Design & Installation DAY 1 Advanced Design & Installation DAY 2 Advanced Design & Installation DAY 3 Advanced Design & Installation DAY 4 Advanced Design & Installation DAY 5
  • Basics of algebra, trigonometry, and calculators
  • Review of electrical basics and Ohm's Law
  • NABCEP's website and application process
  • NABCEP's Certification Handbook
  • PV Installation Professional Exam
  • Verifying system design
  • Managing the project
  • Installing electrical components
  • Installing mechanical components
  • Completing system installation
  • Conducting maintenance and troubleshooting activities
  • Introduction to PV Systems
  • Verifying system design
  • Client needs, power, and energy
  • Site surveys
  • Sun position, sun path charts, solar windows
  • Shading analysis, trig, and inter-row shading
  • Mounting and BOS
  • Confirming system sizing—estimates and rules of thumb
  • NEC articles 90, 100, and 690
  • NEC articles 310, 480, 705
  • Verifying system design cont. (energy storage systems)
  • Battery capacity
  • Rate of charge, depth of discharge, state of charge
  • OSHA requirements for batteries
  • Loads analysis, autonomy
  • Charge controllers and generators
  • Verifying system design cont.
  • Confirming string size calculations
  • Components and PV modules
  • Irradiance, irradiation, and peak sun hours
  • Solar radiation, data, and tables
  • I-V curves, Voc, Isc, and Pmp
  • Maximum system voltage and inverters
  • Wire sizing, source and output current
  • Calculating required apmacity and voltage drops
  • OCPD
  • Lag screws and allowable loads
  • Practice problems—NABCEP test questions
  • Managing a project
  • Permits
  • OSHA, safety equipment, PPE, and fall protection
  • Installing electrical components
  • Safety, shocks, and working spaces
  • Grounding
  • Utility interconnection, standards, and listing
  • OCPD sizing
  • Load side and supply side connection
  • NEC article 250
  • Installing mechanical components
  • Completing system installation
  • Comissioning
  • Conducting maintenance
  • Troubleshooting scenarios
  • Verifying system operation calculations
  • Lab—Field trip to local installationsl
  • Permonance analyses
  • Troubleshooting and problem
  • Review with focus on students' personal needs
  • Where in the NEC Code is _____
  • Solar PV technical sales (optional)
  • Solar markets (optional
  • Jobs, leads, starting a business
  • NABCEP Exam review
  • Review the NABCEP Certification Handbook
  • Study methods


Do You Have What it Takes?

This course is specifically meant for solar industry professionals that are looking to make the next step in their career. Our instructors have taken great care to design this course to prepare students to sit for NABCEP's PV Installation Professional Exam. Students that we have seen transition into the solar industry include: HVAC/R professionals, electricians, plumbers, homebuilders/architects, contractors, engineers, product wholesalers/resellers, salespeople, students, enthusiasts, and more.


Students wishing to take this course must attend successfully completed the Solar PV Hands-On Design and Installation Workshop. Equivalent courses from other training schools will be deemed satisfactory upon proof of curricula and completion. Basics math skills; familiarity with equations, fractions and algebra. Basic Reading Comprehension. Basic computer skills.
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The Advanced Solar PV Design and Installation Course take place multiple times a year at our in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California. If you would like to see what dates are available, please check the "Upcoming Class Dates" at the top right of this page.

Payment Options

Course Price: $1850 Accepted Payments: Credit Card or Check Payment Plans: Did you know that we offer payment plans for certain students?*
Course Course Length Old Price New Price Down Payment Monthly Payment (3 Months)
Hands-On Solar PV Design & Installation Workshop 5 Days $1950 $1850 $500 $450
  For Questions and Registration: Contact one of our admissions counselors today! Call toll free at 1-888-311-4786 or locally at (215)-464-6460. You can also contact us by clicking here and filling out this form.


Regulations & Requirements by State

Please note that each state has different agencies, laws, and regulations that govern student eligibility to attend our courses. Students must make sure that they meet all requirements outlined by respective Departments of Education to be able to attend our courses and that they follow all guidelines and requirements. There currently are no restrictions to attending courses at our campus in Newark, New Jersey. For more information on the course location you are interested in, please review the information below:
States Student Qualifications
California Courses are open to the public, including all entry level job seekers.
Maryland Courses are for continuing education purposes only. Enrollment is restricted to electricians and contractors who are affiliated with United Electric Supply. The program is insufficient in length and content to qualify as entry level occupational training. Students must sign documents indicating that the enrollment restrictions have been met.
Massachuesetts Students must be associates with, register, and pay through our partner NorthEast Electrical Supply. No students may pay Infinite Solar for the course directly. Courses are currently restricted to professionals seeking continuing education or business to business training.
New Jersey Courses have been fully approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and are open to the public, including entry level job seekers.
Pennsylvania Courses are currently restricted to professionals seeking continuing education or business to business training.
Other States Contact us for more info.

Legal Disclaimer

While Infinite Solar is an approved provider of the NABCEP Entry Level Exam, it has no other official affiliation with the organization and the statements below reflects Infinite Solar's interpretation of NABCEP policies, and should not be perceived as a statement directly from NABCEP.