Solar Power, Green Building, LEED Certification and Electrical Training for Professionals and Students
The world is rapidly changing the way that it produces and consumes energy. As fossil fuel supplies dwindle and climate change exacerbates, the demand for clean, sustainable energy sources has grown exponentially. If you are not preparing for the clean energy revolution, you will be left behind.

Since 2008, Infinite Solar has been training students, business owners, and professionals for careers in an industry that grew 76% in 2012 alone in the United States. Our faculty keeps its finger on the pulse of this booming sector of the economy to provide our students with most relevant, high-tech, in-demand skills. Our students are constantly amazed at how much they learn during our courses.

Having a certificate from Infinite Solar is highly regarded by potential employers and customers. This is why we attract entrepreneurs, government officials, professors, activists, and other hard-working people from all over the world to attend our classes. The hundreds of Infinite Solar Alumni are there for your support following graduation.

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Accredited Training with Industry Professionals
Infinite Solar teaches the most accessible and thorough solar energy training courses in the United States. With IREC accredited courses that satisfy hourly training requirements for NABCEP Exams and Certifications, our courses follow nationally recognized learning objectives.

Our Hands-On Workshops feature the largest training laboratory in the East Coast. These classes are designed for anyone with an interest in joining the renewable energy industry, while our more advanced courses, energy efficiency courses, and electrical courses support professional growth and development for workers of all skill levels. Our school’s mission is to fully prepare people for a rewarding and successful career in a sector to which we our passionately committed.

Coast-to-Coast Classrooms and Workforce Development

With locations on both coasts and multiple training centers, we educate individuals from all over the country and the world in renewable energy and electricity. We also provide custom employee mobile training at your workplace.

Infinite Solar offers a wide range of innovative solar training classes – Solar PV, Advanced Solar PV/NABCEP PV Exam Preparation, Solar Thermal, Solar Marketing and Sales – both in person and online. Infinite Solar’s main campus is in Philadelphia and offers solar training classes and renewable energy career training to professionals and companies from Pennsylvania, California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Connecticut, and other states.